We proudly announce the Linux Realtime community event - what we are calling A Summit On A Summit 2022!

We discuss hot topics, current problems and how to solve them. All this in a relaxed setting with spectacular views in the Austrian alps.

This event is organized by Christoph Hellwig, Richard Weinberger and Daniel Wagner.

To register please send a email to the organizers.


The even takes place from 2022-06-10 to 2022-06-12 at the Glungezer Hütte (lodge) near Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria. The lodge is reachable only by foot.

And here is a webcam showing the current weather situation.

In case the weather or snow condition do not allow us to go the logde we stay in Innsbruck. We will arrange the hotel and meeting location if that is the case.


The closest airport is Innsbruck. Another option is the airport in Munich which is approx. 2 hours by car from Innsbruck.


Since the lodge is a few hours by foot from civilization, staying at the lodge strongly recommended.

First and most important: yes there is power available and we will have Internet access. It will not be fast, but checking for some emails it should be okay.

You should have a pair of good hiking shoes (This is really important!). It is not a difficult path just in case the weather is nasty. Also a rain jacket is thing to bring with you.

It also a good idea to bring your own sleeping bag. If you don't have one it is not a problem. There are blankets available at the lodge but usually they are not washed after each usage...

A hiking backpack should be enough to bring clothes and other equipment with you for 3 days.

Food and drinks are available at the lodge. The hike to the lodge is around 2 hours (7 km). So it is not particular long but you might want to bring some water or food with you.


Attendance is free except for the accommodation and food at the lodge (from past experience is roughly 200 euros), but the number of seats is strictly limited.